24 May 2010

24 days to go!

This is reality sinking in. My 2l boxes departed from their cosy spot on the diningroom table to Cape Town. Once there, they will be distributed to the 26 support stations. My diningroom seems empty. I feel like I've lost something and keep on going back to the room to see if the boxes are really gone.
They are, but the worst part is, I can't change anything in the boxes anymore. I can't add anything. Too late.....to add a slime tube anywhere.....dark chocolate.......a little wine...more comfort.
I can't add anything to my rucksack either. It is filled to the brim, stuffed tight almost like a thanksgiving turkey. Not that I've ever had thanksgiving turkey.   
The last 23 days I have to keep training just to keep my fitness level, I have to stay healthy, so no cold and flu bugs, I have to keep my mind.....(say it!). I don't know what to expect and yet I know. I feel I don't know if I will know what to do and yet I think I do know what I have to do... And so my mind goes over and over the different points of the maps, different parts of the bike, different items in my box.....sigh. Hurry up! 

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