23 Sep 2007

September Racing

The racing season has really started with a bang. For many of us it is of course training rides for the 94.7 and Argus.
The Dome 2 Dome race of last week was a real tester of 116km and many a cyclist called it "Valley of a 1000 hills". The overall climb was 1240m. Hills, hills and more hills and throw in a howling wind, especially the last 20km when we had to turn into the wind, made every one's time take a dip. A lot of effort has gone into planning a new route, taking us past and through the Kromdraai area near Krugersdorp. Quite scenic and most of the cyclists I spoke to afterwards did indeed see the two rhino grazing on one of the game farms. Also the partial road closure of the busier intersections made it a worthwhile ride.
Dischem Vitathion 97 km ride with an overall climb of 1160m was tough with quite a strong wind blowing.What really made this ride a hair raiser was the continuous climb of over 400m over the last 40km. Looking at the results, it showed about 40 DNF riders. We had a glorious time afterwards, sharing our stories of how tough it really was out there, having our beers and Boerie rolls and by the time we said our good byes everyone was in a chirpier mood and will ride again.
Sunday 30 September brings us to our time trial out on the Boschkop road. We will be starting at 8am. We have a professional time keeper so come out in force. The route is fairly flat with a hill or two. We will be set off a minute apart and no drafting will be allowed. Slower riders starting first and the faster riders last so we all can have breakfast together at Kitty Hawk. RSVP by Friday so we can organise breakfast, ok.
Have fun! See you in the gym or out on the road!


Anonymous said...

Ek is regtig siek maar, ek wil graag kom Sondag. Sal kyk hoe dinge gaan. Ek is baie jaloes op julle lekker stories oor die races.
Hoop om gou weer by die gym uit te kom.

Anonymous said...

Ek gaan ongelukkig Sondag 'n skip moet gee. Het regtig uitgesien maar ek sukkel om 100% reg te kom.
Wil maar eerder seker maak as wat ek nog langer sukkel.
Ek sal wel weer rustig maandag kom oefen. Geniet die naweek.

Anonymous said...

'See' the rhino, not 'saw' - Blommie

Anonymous said...

see-saw, see-saw. thanks for pointing it out. fixed it. momey

Gerda said...

Sterkte Janine