29 Aug 2007

September, October and November Training

It is that time of the year again, with winter gone and the 94.7 looming. Previously we promised training rides and it never happened, but hooray, hooray at last a training programme has been worked out to prepare you for the 94.7
Of course this doesn’t mean that only the mean and serious riders can participate in these rides. Not at all, these rides are open to all, so dust your bikes off, shake it from its winter sleep and come ride with us.
It also doesn’t mean that you have to do each and every ride. Adapt it to your training programme, or do all, but have fun! The programme will consist of hill training, time trials and cycling races.

Hill training:
This route will start at the gym, down Rutgers street, left into Blouhaak and left into Hans Strydom, up, up, up all the way to the top, left into Rubenstein and left into Kariega. You are now back at the gym. We will only do an hour of lap training, starting at 8:00. The route is only 4km, so see how many laps you can do in an hour. There will be coffee and muffins at the gym afterwards to listen to all the stories and to share your own.

Time trial:
The time trial route is 34km and will start at Kitty Hawk on the Boschkop road.
Cyclists will depart at one-minute intervals and no drafting is allowed. The idea of a time trial is to see how fast you can cycle the route on your own steam. We will start with the slowest cyclist leaving first and the fastest last. After the 34km we will have breakfast at Kitty Hawk, with all finishing more or less at the same time. Also starting at 8:00

Here are the dates:

9 September
: Hill training

16 September: Dome-to-Dome Race

23 September: Dischem Vitathion Race

30 September: Time Trial

14 October: Vodacom Classic Race

21 October: Time Trial

27 October: Telkom Race

28 October:
Hill training

4 November: Hill training

11 November: Bakwena Race

18 November: 94.7 !

Pretty impressive I know, But I hope to see many of you at the rides.
Happy cycling!


Anonymous said...

Hallo. Wat is daai webblad se naam nou weer van die mat oefeninge?


Gerda said...

www.hyperstrike.com go check it out. daars baie ander oefeninge wat jy kan doen. Sien jou Sondag vir die Hill training!