27 May 2007

The Birthday Ride

They were all there at Kitty Hawk. It was a cloudy morning, the first winter chill in the air but nobody wanted to miss the event. They borrowed bicycles, helmets, pedals and even cars to fit the bikes in and on. It was to be their first ride on a bicycle since school days. They had to try it just once again, to feel the wind in their faces. " Once you've learned how to ride a bike, you don't forget that" has become true to them. The smiles on their faces said it all.

After some wobbly starts we all made it to the main road, having to dodge a little red plane and not a car! We soon learned that some had to learn again which side was the left side of the road and that the newer kind of bicycles all had gears. "It feels like a spinning class, we're just moving!" and "this helmet really does feel strange" were just some of the comments from the "new cyclists".

By the way, who has right of way, planes or bicycles?

It was just such a different scene, having breakfast, watching planes taking off and landing. Little things with Pick 'n Pay trolley like wheels and sounding like lawnmower engines. I know the experts will be able to tell me in great detail about little engines and gravity and the rest, but to me they were little wonders taking off and staying in the air.
The venue was just great! Coming in from the ride in the cold, the warmth from the log fire was just the right thing for frozen finger tips. Well, needless to say, after so much fresh air and leg pumping we had to attack the scrumptious breakfast. And it was a feast indeed!

Till next year's Birthday Breakfast!

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