22 Apr 2007

What have we been up to?

This is the April newsletter and the first bit of May too. I know it is not quite on time, but my PC was playing up a bit. I will therefore jam pack it with loads of interesting bits and pieces.

We were in Paris!! Or was it Parys??

Firstly, the long weekend of the 7th April, a few musketeers from the gym set off to break some personal records. They were taking part in a mountain bike 6 hour solo lap race and a 12hour 2man team lap race. What is a lap race? The course was a 5.9km ride over all sorts of terrain, rocky, sandy and the BRIDGE, which we had to do over and over and over, lap after lap after lap. We had a wonderful support team, cheering us on and who made sure we had enough to eat and drink and sunscreen and lip ice etc. In the 2man lap race the 2 team members were not allowed to be more than 2min apart, meaning , riding together. So that was a good lesson for some and a hard lesson for others. The 12 hour race did include some night riding and it was a very good opportunity to check our lights for the Baviaans Marathon.

There was on the course a deep sandy ditch which we had to manoeuvre ourselves through every time we did a lap. Our support team was there to capture our different styles. Firstly, the "I wanna be a pro":

Then the "I can walk faster than I can ride":

And "oops......... aaaaggghh.......eina.......":

Great news is that the face of the gym will change, hopefully by the beginning of May. The garage doors will be exchanged for real sliding, folding doors and am sure will look just so much better. Of course the gym is also 8years old this year and with the new look we will have to celebrate. So keep your ears to the ground and your diaries ready for the announcement of a big celebration! The date will be set as soon as the gym is upgraded.

Very exciting news too is that some of the spinners are now at last also trying to fit a ball class in. So congratulations to the new faces at ball class. It is great isn't it?!! If you haven't tried a ball class yet, it is all about core stability, muscle toning and strengthening and of course sport orientation. Give it a go and tell me what you think.

The BelaBela is the next road race coming up, on the 26th May, a Saturday. It is a fairly easy ride with only 2 little hills. Only 98kms or so, no real mountains and a fantastic O'Hagans at the end. It would be nice to see a whole road full of Bulla participants and because the race is just at the beginning of winter, a very good time to keep that body into shape.

Talking of winter. That is the time for soups, sweets and sherry and unfortunately adding weight to the shape. Don't fall into that trap. Stick to your regular time slots and keep on training. After all, you are doing it for yourself!

Not such good news is that one of our regular ride together friends has been involved in an accident. He is in hospital waiting to be operated on. Keep going Peter Kemp, we are all watching you and willing you on to health again.
New on the blog is the mini poll. Vote please and tell us what you think. Also if you think of a relevant question to ask, please do. We will put it on the mini poll and see what the people have to say.

Tip of the month: Keep training, you are doing it for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Hallo! Ek wil die Bela Bela gaan doen maar ek wil net sĂȘ ek het gesien daar is 'n 63km so ek dink dit gaan net bietjie beter wees vir 'n eerste keer. Sien uit na die O'hagins!


Gerda said...

63km is fantasties vir 'n eerste keer. Go for it! Skryf in!Sien jou by O'hagans-jy kan solank die bier koud hou

Nelletjie said...

Gerda dit lyk goed. Daai bult en die stof, jy is 'n pro. Jy het nou die klere en die attitude om dit te bewys.

Anonymous said...

Ek het ingeskry vir die bela-bela vir die 63km! O my Word - O my Word! Die O'Hagans gaan goed moet opmaak. Nou is ek in vir 'n ding!

Spanner said...

Wish I was there.... Warmbaths is a fantastic ride.

Gerda said...

Hello Spanner! good to see you're still around! Warmbaths is great ride and good memories and the one you pipped me at the post

Spanner said...

Yeah, good memories. I think that was one of only two races that I kicked your butt :-) (Ok maar net)
If I tried to ride now I'd probably fall off - haven't been on a bike for 18 months. Nobody around to remind me to forget the blackjacks in my chamois and pedal!

Spanner said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Gerda,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Hip hip. HOORAY!!