13 Dec 2009

Ride to Rhodes Dry Run: Day 2

The second day and another mountain

We got up early the next day and drove to Highover where we would leave the car. We were ready for the mountain, or so we thought. The climb was steep and with loose gravel it didn’t make it any easier.

The view was spectacular! Up and up we went and every now and again we would stop to admire the view over the Umkomaas valley. …and to catch our breath. The narrative warned about a hairpin bend and an even steeper climb from there. So every corner we turned and saw the road snaking upwards we were wondering if this was it. It wasn’t. Today we were climbing with fresh legs and a nasty thought run through my mind. How will I ride this mountain after already 80km of tough riding? That is for another day to work through. The last 800m of the steep climb we had to get off the bikes and push, it was just too steep.

Over the top and a welcome respite for the legs. The beautiful view, which met our eyes, was that of the farm, Blackwood. Such green pastures and rolling greenery and a tiny tractor moving in the fields. One other thought crossing my mind was, will I be able to look up and enjoy the scenery or will the cycling become drudgery.

I was there to support Rodney, but next year it will be me having to deal with the monsters.

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