7 Sep 2008

Important Dates

Well as you all know, the two most important races on the cycling calendar are open for entries.
The 94.7 is only open till the 15th September. Don't delay! This is also your seeding race for the Argus Cycle Tour 2009.
Which is the other very important race to enter for now. Entries opened on the 1st September, but will only stay open till the first 35 000 entries have been received. And please remember after entering the Argus, also make sure about your accommodation as places to stay in the Cape are very limited-well of course there are places to stay but at our Gauteng budget there are only a few. Also if you are flying down, make sure about booking your ticket ASAP.

94.7 deadline: 15 September

Argus deadline : First 35000- they already had 10000 entries within the first 24hours of opening the site. Go to http://www.cycletour.co.za/ to enter.
We here at Bullamakanka are prepared to help any novices who would like to enter the Cape Argus Cycle Tour with advice and also a training programme to prepare you fully for this fantastic event. Please speak to us.

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