10 Aug 2008

Opening "new look" gym

So, at last, on Friday 1 August, we opened the gym. The last bit of Friday afternoon was spend running around with mops, and dusters and vacuum cleaners to get everything in place and cleaned up. Having cement dust and bits of tiles lying around would be a no-no.

Final inspection and we were ready for our spinners to arrive.

Mario, or Mr M (as he is better known as) delivered a magnificent welcome and opening speech, repeating himself a bit as his speech was only a quarter page long and was written hastily in the shower before he arrived. I then had the honour of thanking everyone for their presence. Also thanking Pauline and Etienne for the donation of the carpet tiles, Mario for the printing of cards and flyers for the gym and Magda and Dave for sponsoring the wine for the evening. Rodney then welcomed and thanked Dino the builder, for pulling out all the stops at the last minute to finish in time for the opening. So after all the formalities, the spinning instructors grabbed scissors to cut the red ribbon. Officially opened!All had a good time eating, drinking and chatting through to the wee hours of the morning.

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