29 Jul 2007

We've done it!

We've done it! I mean the gym has done it! I mean Abri and Kie did it!
They came 1st in the tandem race on the 35km lap race around the Union Buildings. Congratulations! To all of you who doesn't know, Abri is one of the spinning instructors here at the gym.
Talking about winning, or almost winning......so close for Robbie Hunter at the last stage of the Tour de France. He still came second in the sprinters jersey. To all the fans, Robbie Hunter will be at Cyclelab on 2nd August from about 9:00 to autograph a 1000 shirts at R100 a shirt. The money will go to a cycling development programme which will be run by Robbie Hunter.
The 9th of August is a public holiday, so no spinning classes because everyone I know is cycling the Carousel. You have entered, of course?
The Baviaans Mountain bike marathon is getting closer and the gym is sending a delegation down to be part of this news worthy event. Christo has strike it big in that he has been sponsored by a company to be part of their team. The other team is Bulla Team, Rodney, Gerda and Renzo with Elzet and Maggie as support. The gym will therefore be closed on 16 and 17 August as well as 20 and 21 August. We will however make up for the loss of classes by giving you a full report of the event as well as loads of pictures to drool over.
The weather is getting more favourable, meaning Spring is almost here. If you haven't done anything in the gym during the winter time it is now a perfect time to start training for the 94.7 or just to get fit and to live healthy.

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Spanner said...

I've found a great book that is filled with lots of useful info without being overly technical:
"Bike for Life: How to Ride to 100 by Roy M. Wallack and Bill Katovsky"
It gives info on stretching, how to train your glutes, indoor training, motivation, etc. It also has numerous interviews with people like Gary Fisher, Johnny G and Missy Giove.