10 Jun 2007

The middlest day of the year

The middlest day of the year? Well almost! It happened so quickly. We were still talking about the Argus, and now we are already talking about the first preparations for the 94.7. In the meantime there are quite a few other things we could do during the bbbbbrrrrrr months to help keep our fitness at top levels.

For those who wanted to .... and was still thinking of ...... and was still wondering if, ......... you should enter for the Winter Challenge. Well, sad to say it is too late. By the time you read this, entries have closed. The Winter challenge is a brand new race combining road and dirt, either as an individual entry or as a team entry. I will put you in the picture after the event to tell you all about it, what it was like and if it is a worthwhile entry for next year. All happening on Sunday the 24th June. Ok, so you have missed out on one event, please don't let it happen again!

You only have one week left to enter for the 702 Walk the Talk! Go to http://www.702.co.za/ click on the Walk the Talk logo and enter. We were 11 people last year from the gym walking the 21km. Really good healthy fun we had throwing in a couple of beers afterwards, licking our wounds. There are different distances to enter for, so log on, enter and we'll see you there, on Sunday 22 July. In the 5 and 8km event you are allowed to take your dog along. At registration you will get a free dog collar, and lead and a sample of dog food, all sponsored by Royal Canin. So if you don't want to walk the long distance, but would rather have your dog doing the healthy bit, please enter now!

Is there anyone that would like to take Ruby for a walk?

Still more to do in July.

For those interested in Mountain biking, there is the Medscheme Walkerville event taking place on the 15th July. 70km only. They are talking of the "mother of all hills" and of "carrying your bike down". But then, I can tell you things like that, because we have no faint hearted people here in the gym. So log onto http://www.cyclelab.co.za/ and enter.

Then on the 29th July, the Tshwane -Outsurance lap race around the Union buildings is taking place. 35km for the shorter route and 77km for the longer event. What really makes this a stunning event is that the pros keep on passing you on the laps and you can have a glimpse of their power, speed and ability. Now that is so close at home, it is basically on your doorstep, and if you don't enter for that, I gather you are hibernating and not planning to do anything until Spring shows itself and a few extra rolls around the hips!
See you out there, if it is running, cycling or just walking. Just do it!

To all the Comrades in the gym, may it go well on D-Day!

Tip of the month: Just do it!

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